It’s Good to Laugh

Every year our school puts together a wonderful Christmas lunch right before break. Most of the students come with their families. A gentleman I didn’t know came and asked how long I had been attending TLC. In Mandarin I told him a year plus. I then introduced my wife and our friend Martha. I tried to explain to the gentleman that I wasn’t a very good student but that Cheryl and Martha were very good students, all in Mandarin. After the laughter from Cheryl and Martha died down they explained that I had actually informed the gentleman that I was a bad husband but Cheryl and Martha were very good husbands. I now understand the reason for the laughter.

My wonderful wife has been helping my review flash cards in the morning before I leave for school. I’ve only almost cried once so I think that’s pretty good. I’ll try to put the words into sentences because it’s helpful tools in language study, using the words in context. It helps though to use the right words the right way. I was trying to say “the girl is pretty” but instead said “the girl is cheap”. My wife gets many opportunities to laugh because of me. Truth be told, I’m glad I made that mistake with her and not a friend or new acquaintance.

I make many language mistakes on a consistent bases. I am not as far along as I should be but I continue to push (rather, crawl) forward because I know this is where Cheryl & I are suppose to be. While Cheryl and I were on our Christmas break we rode our scooter to a couple of small towns nearby. We had a wonderful time going off the beaten path and meeting¬†Taiwanese people living out in these rural areas. We chatted with a few too. Actually, Cheryl did more of the chatting but I understood more than I did six months ago. I said the things I could and let body language say the rest. I can’t always convey things through words but I know how to say a lot of things with my smile.

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  • January 17, 2017 at 11:17 am

    I am truly impressed you both are taking on this challenge to learn Mandarin. I also appreciate you sharing your language faux pas to pass on the smiles and laughter. God has ways of turning things into good. Thanks for smiles… Love and miss you!


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