Temple Parade

It had been one of those days… where you’re overtired, crying, frustrated. And all you want to do is get home to something familiar. Your bed, your favorite tv show, & a Western style junk food snack. That desire for the familiar was sidetracked as we came across a god parade, 6:30 at night, mere blocks from our place. The police were out stopping traffic. There were deafening fireworks being lit off. Men in costumes walking as gods coming down the road. The residents had offerings out and sought blessings as the parade came by. It ended with a procession of people following with incense and gifts. It turns out it was a god’s birthday. 

We followed the parade to the temple and watched in fascination and sadness. This was a multigenerational event with children all the way to grandparents participating. We saw an elderly gentleman dance barefoot in a sea of firecrackers while holding a god, as an act of worship. We watched as boys and men played the drums that made up the soundtrack to the worship and celebration. We saw fake money being burned by the box load, while in the corner sat a pallet’s worth of empty boxes the fake money came in. There was an air of fear and darkness scratching the skin, it made the whole experience feel cold, hollow. 

This was really an amazing event to experience but was also a blunt force hit to our hearts as we were reminded again why we are in Taiwan. For generational change, whole families and communities need to find the saving grace of the Gospel. Please remember to pray for the people of Taiwan.

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